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[ Near ]
Matt, come see me when you get a free moment. There is something I want to offer to you.
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Of all the things in my drawer, Excedrine is not one of them...

Some things never change.
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Apparently the evidence room has been tampered with. Nothing was taken except for a realistic toy gun. Surprise to the one who took, wouldn't you think? I only hope that person doesn't try and use it in a life or death situation. They will be sorely surprised. Oh well. I suppose that'll teach them to break into the evidence room.

To clear things up, crime here is minimal. Since there is no way out and you are stripped of your belongings for checking once you come in to Finale, the chances of there being any sort of drugs here are close to none. Same goes for weaponry. The only real fire arms are the ones the police force are equipped with. Now, unless the supremacies have something going on that either the other supremacies or myself don't know about... I wouldn't doubt it.

Mr. Lupin, did you make it to Reguis alright?

Current Music: KoRn Ft Amy Lee- Freak On A Leash

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Reguis appointed me this position. Apparently my work has followed me here. Just as well.

Finale, I am your Chief of Law Enforcement. You can call me Near.

No time for introductions other than that, much to be done in order to keep Finale running safely.

Current Music: The Mars Volta - Inertiatic Esp

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